Why Battle Green Royal Enfield is Not allow In India

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Why Battle Green Royal Enfield is Not allowed In India

Many states’ RTOs in India  have a clause in the Motor vehicles act that disallows military green color for non-military vehicles.

Sometimes the RTO will let it go if you convince them that the color is not exactly military colored. It also seems that many states allow green colored civilian vehicles.


  1. Only Olive green shade is not allowed. You can convince the local RTO of any other shade other than Olive Green. My suggestion for people who are still stuck on Olive green color would be try out other shades of green that are similar. Ex: Juniper,Moss, Pine, Seaweed, Basil
  2. What is the Law : In another thread, someone had asked where exactly in the State Motor Vehicle act has the same been mentioned. I did some research and attaching the same below, an extract from Tamil Nadu Motor Vehicle Rules (Point : 365)
    Other states have similar rules too.
  3. What if I re-paint?
    It’s illegal and you can be charged under criminal offence. Any color, other than the color mentioned in your RC book, shall be deemed as a stolen bike, if you are caught by a Traffic Police.