solo Riding from HYD-GOA-HYD

venkatesh mainani

Everyone loves to travel to different countries, states, city or places. They prefer to travel by  car or flight. But travelling by bike is very few people will consider doing, and travelling alone on a bike, even less people will consider taking on risk. There are many thoughts about what if the bike breakdown? What if something happen to me? What if I get lost somewhere?

venkatesh mainani

All these things are in my mind too, but I still I didn’t deter I like to take risks I want to prove that people traveling alone on the bullet is not that much difficult if you have a proper plan.

” Reason why I went for a Solo road.

  • I want a break from my daily routine life and job, where I can spend some time alone.
  • I need to prove myself is I am really rider or just I do only for the photo shoot.
  • I need to see how adventure and risk taking person in my life.”

Trip went like this…

For every trip planning is important in all ways. I planned that up to Goa I will ride with a Hyderabad royals Riders Group and from there I will start from a solo journey to South India.

The day before on 19th Wednesday I was fully prepared, petrol was full, the night itself only I pack the saddlebags on my bike, while sleeping in my mind what if really something happen to me? Yes, I am going to come back or not? But still somewhere I was so excited also for the trip.

20thNov-2014 The day has to came which I was eagerly waiting, the plan was to meet at Mehdipatnam me and my Group members, after that we all started our journey for Goa via Raichur Bagalkote  Belagavi and Goa. We reached Goa around  2 clocks travelling around 730 kms. It was full to ride the whole day we enjoyed lots, there are a few breakdowns of vehicles also but if you on the group you will have a solution.

21stNov2014:- The day was the Rider mania , we know it will be so excited there will just bullets all over in parking ,  Rider mania there was around some 4000 bikes were there. On that day I was parked my vehicle in a hotel because from next day onwards I will be riding continuously so I need to have a rest to my bike and myself, I was pillion rider whole day with my Group member, that day will always remain the one of my best day of my life the madness I did on Goa was out of the world, hope my group members will not reveal it:-P

22ndNov2014:-The day was to start my solo journey towards  South India ,HRBC Head Deepak Bhai wished me good luck  for my further  journey . I started my Ride from Goa to Udupi, that day plan was to drive from Goa to Udupi around 350kms, I started at 11 clock from Goa I was riding  through NH17 Highway it was one of best roads to drive in India, it is a coastal  road you will have aesthetic view of beaches and coconut tree on road you will want ride again and again, I reached Udipi around 7 clock in the evening.

There United udipi Riders member Prasad bro came to receive me, let me take a moment and tell something about Prasad bro , he is one of the best persons in my life that I ever  met. He is a very  passionate rider, with helping nature  ground to earth, I got surprise because he is helping many riders whoever cross the Udipi all Riders who do world trip or pan India Trip. He proved that what  riding spirit is. I took my saddle bags from my bike brought to  my room and later I had bath with hot water, then went for dinner ,best part in South India is food as we will always access to food like idly & dosa, its like where ever you go Idly& dosa follow u :-P, I had very good dinner and went to sleep

23rdNov2014:-  woke up and get fresh and message to Prasad Bhai, then we both went on of the oldest RE mechanic shop in Udupi, My bad luck was day was Sunday so most of the spare parts shop will close, I had problem with my clutch cable and back tyre was vibrating once I cross 60km/hr. ,so the mechanic dint had new clutch cable for my bike, then he cleaned my  clutch cable and my bike was ready for my  rest of my journey, later we all  went for breakfast, as usually I had  idly again in morning. after that I thanked him what he did for me in Udupi, without him may be my journey might not possible ,may be my bike trouble me somewhere in middle of road, interesting part is that he suggested me very good plan  to go to Ooty from Udipi ->Manglore->bekal ->Ooty ,he also suggested me to go from Puttur ->madikeri-> Mysore -> Ooty,so I started my journey first from udipi to Mangalore it was around some 60kms.

I reached Mangalore and filled petrol and started to puttur ,the journey was simply amazing from Mangalore to Ooty via puttur and madikeri it was just amazing I was enjoying every moment of my ride, while riding it was kind of hill road, with lots of coconut trees and coffee plantations ,temperature was around some 22ºc , I am enjoying the ride so much, everything was good, the road, atmosphere the scenario and the coconut shop, I also had my lunch and started for further journey, I reached Mysore by evening around 5 clock ,I wish I could go the Mysore place to see but I was running out of time I have to reach Ooty, some local people told that after 5.30 the 2wheeler is not allowed in forest I rushed to forest area time was 6 clock . Due to  winter season it was getting dark ,there was check post where I need to cross police men was standing , he told me the 2 wheeler is not allowed inside, but I was wearing military  trouser I told him I came from military I am used to in forest area ,he told you don’t go alone wait for moment might some 4 wheeler come if please follow that car, that sounded me good I said ok, After 15min one car came he was with his family ,whole forest was dark the car was going very slow, I was following that car, he was  going slow giving me side to overtake and go, but I was  so scared and to go alone  in forest, he was thinking someone is following me so he was  stopped car and ask what happen, I said nothing you can carry on.

In the forest there is no other vehicle except his. He to going with his wife and children so he stopped the car and let me go forward, I to stopped my bike I told him to you please carry I will not follow you. He left I was standing in the middle of forest I was totally scared it was around 7 clock but it was too dark no light I saw a board written welcome to  Bandipur National park please don’t park your vehicleTiger or elephant might cross after seeing that board I couldn’t believe that I was Bandipur forestthat too at night time. On two wheeler I can’t go alone also because my Bike light was not enough to  go alone, I was totally sweating even through the climate was cold ,but I was totally sweat. I thought I can finish today, I thought I will call to someone, but there was no signals, I don’t know what to do. I can’t go back, I can’t go forward I was just hoping that some car might come and I will follow them. After 15 mins I saw some three cars are coming in row, that moment I just saw sky said God you’re really existing in this world  I waited till they go further once they went I just follow then I reach Gudalur, and they all stopped. That was a much needed break for me too, I inquired local tea wala how far is Ooty from here he told some 50kms,but due to bad road it might take more than 2 hours, time was already 10 clock, it means I will reach by  12clock, I told myself enough for today I already taken so much risk I will not take more, there are some lodges there in Gudalur , I just checked in lodge take bath after I had dinner went to sleep.

4thnov2014:-   I started my journey to Ooty  at 6 am It was still dark, couldn’t see anything clear, I reach Ooty by around 8 am ,I was feeling hungry I want to have breakfast, I want to stay Ooty and see the place around, but I am so much involve in riding I don’t want to go by bus or car to see local places, I just thought for seeing Ooty I can visit in future also but on bike I might not come again so let’s find beautiful and adventure place which I can go by bike and see. I enquired local person he told you must go the valparai . that is showing around  200kms from Ooty  via coimbatore ->pollachi ->valparai .I ride till pollachi road, the road was good, it was like 2lane road, only thing it was lacking was my bike, clutch was not up to good and every time I change my gears it’s slip, if I cross more than 60kmph back tyre was shaking, but I was mentally fix I will continue my journey no matter what happen to me or my bike I want to reach valparai  today. Interesting part here was pollachi to vallapari road it was around 60kms,but it was literally ghat road that to with 40 hair pin bends(turns) ,yes I mean  I have to cross 40hair pin bends to reach valparai  that with bike was not up to mark. But I want to go I said myself ok let’s do this. I started after crossing 2 bends I just miss one close accident when the car guy is trying to overtake the bus on road like this. Then I just parked my vehicle beside I drank water. I started again after that there was no fear nothing as long I am going I am started enjoying the ride. Finally i reach valparai it was so beautiful compare to Ooty ,just amazing place. But that was so small town there was nothing to see there. From there I have to go to athirpally waterfalls.

25thnov2014:-Again new day, new adventure I woke up in morning started for journey today  day to go me from Valparaipari to Athirpally  water falls, it was some 80 kms ,but that road I will always remember my for life, it was one of the deepest forests full of greenery. U can hear some unique bird voices, but u need guts to drive on that forest . I was driving in day time so no worry, then I reached Athirpally water falls, it was beautiful, amazing, from there I started my journey towards Cochin, I started feeling that my bike will give up anytime. So I kept my target that I need to reach cochin and give the bike service, it was around some  80kms,but places like this for 80kms will take more than 3 hours to drive, I reach 7 clock to cochin, I luckily I found that RE service was  it was at on Highway only they manger was about to leave ,I told him that I am on ride I want to service my bike ,he usually takes vehicles only through appointments, but as I am not from this state he said he will get it done and told me to come tomorrow by 10am .I found a lodge near to service center to rest there.

26thNov2014:-I woke up and first thing I did I straight away went to Re service center given my bike for service I explained him all the problems , asked him to finish at 4 clock and take my bike back start my journey manger told it will be done. But when I went back to 4clock what frustrated me was that my bike was not touched also. The main problem is Kerala and Tamilnadu is language, they mostly don’t know any language a part from local language, not even Hindi, what in my school days my teacher has told that if u know Hindi u can survive anywhere in India ,but that is completely false ,true is that if u want survive in South India u have to know their local language. I got my  bike was serviced ,what was left to do is water service  it may take hour or more for that time it was,I said I don’t need water service I took my bike like that only to continue my further journey. Next stop was at Kollam  From cochin Kollam was 140kms it was good I thought may be 2 hours I can reach Kollam ,but I was wrong  road was good, bike was good in condition but why it take so much time is because traffic on highway, for 140kms it was literally traffic there after once village end another will start .I  was waiting when i the road gets empty, it was 11 pm I reach Kollam, after reaching Kollam I thought I will take rest start in morning, but I had good sleep in afternoon couldn’t sleep . I saw board there Thiruvanthapuram  is 60kms may in hour of time I thought  I can ride, it was midnight no traffic will there, I reached by  12.15pm . From Thiruvanthapuram to Kanyakumari was 90kms  so let’s drive test my night driving skills also:-D and I continued my ride  to Kanyakumari it was 3am in morning, I was not scared and anything like that, road was bit tuff to ride there are so much of Ports, there were huge trucks  moving rashly ,but I got used to that. I don’t know after reaching Kanyakumari I felt so happy, I could believe myself also some hours back I was at RE service center of cochin  and now I am at Kanyakumari :-D. I stayed in a lodge and told the lodge guy told that sir that here the sunrise will mooring  6 clock, time was 4am he will wake me up at exactly after 2 hours I said ok.

27thnov2014:-  I was in deep sleep  lodge guy was ringing the bell ,I woke up open door he told that sunrise will be in 10 mins, I quickly wash my face and went to see the sunrise I waited for 30 mins there was no sunrise, I ask local guy what time the sunrise will be he told sun is already rise, due the bad whether we can’t able to see  i was like then why the hell he woke me up then, I came to room I tried to sleep but I was unable to sleep. Now my mind was on Rameswaram  I was so excited to go there , I got fresh check out from room, what surprised me is the road i thought it will be 2 lane highway ,but the road was 4 lane road and was so amazing ..I drive some 50 kms, I was getting sleep,(night I had only 2 hours of sleep :P) my eyes are so red, I am unable to ride also, luckily what happened was I saw the Re mechanic guy was testing his vehicle on Road, I stop and told I have vibrate in my Tyre ,(In cochin itself they change bike bearing that was absolutely fine ) he told sir you follow me my service center is near, some 2kms service center was there, Guy told sir you wait i will call my manger, he came told sir you  please sit in customer lounge, will check and tell you, I told please do the water service also, my aim was to  sleep in customer lounge  there was no one in  lounge i  removed my gloves and jacket and sleep, it will be first time in my life that i was sleeping on chair. I sleep for more than 2 hours there, After that I asked manger my bike status he told there is no problem with tyre,it’s fine ,water service is done. I saw my bike I was so happy  it was like new.  I ask him for bill he told its 150/- .While driving to Rameswaram the road was good, it was so greenery, but if u go alone you will find bit deter because there will lots of salt field, water will stable  color of water will different keep going distance between the village to village will start increase ,that time you really started to think, what if something wrong happens to your bike :-Weather was so good entire day, usually while driving i get use guess the time seeing by sun, but that day the temperature was so stable couldn’t guess also, i reach Rameswaram  by 6 clock has ,it was so beautiful amazing place. I want to stay there for night want to go to Dhanushkodi but the we can’t go bike, we need to hire a private vehicle and  due the sand .but  I said I am not going then, I checked my next place was Madurai from their it was some 170kms,I said myself let’s do it .The time was 7 in evening, I didn’t think what time I will reach, just I want reach safe. That stretch was completely 2 lane highway, I get use Ride on night time so I was not facing so much difficulty. I reached Madurai by some 10 clock, check in lodge had dinner went to sleep, while sleeping I was thinking not it time for return journey.

28thnov2014:-  I started my journey I was excited today  I came to where that my trip is come to end, from Madurai to Hyderabad was around 1003kms,I want to drive in single day I started after my breakfast road was good I started driving atmosphere was amazing, worst  part was when I reach  Bangalore around some 7.30 in evening, to exit from me Bangalore it took me 3 hours, time was around 10.30, I was totally exhausted  still 550 kms. I needed Ride and time was 10.30. I didn’t had my dinner also, I was feeling so cold. But still somewhere my guts said you can drive, lets make it’s started I can see all the Hyderabad buses are leaving from Banglore . I stopped for dinner where these Hyderabad buses are stop for Dinner, when I entered to parking of restaurant there are only buses I was the only guy entered on bike, everyone stared weird at me. I had dinner without wasting time I started to further journey, slowly my body started giving up, it was almost 750 kms I Ride without sleeping, that was my best solo drive without stopping. Slowly I reduced my speed, I was fully tired and sleepy, I need to take rest now, I can’t drive more but that was highway only town was near kurnool that to 150kms away, then I saw anantapur  was 40kms away ok then will sleep there tomorrow morning will continue for ride I thought, at 3 in morning I reached ananthapur , I  just went sleep.

29thnov2014:- Morning I started from ananthapur to Hyderabad, I was in mixed emotion that I about to complete my trip and I couldn’t able to ride from tomorrow onwards ,my HRBC group members were waiting there where we all started my journey that was bit surprise also for me they all came to receive me I safely reached  Hyderabad.   mission complete

“Itinerary is that which is called before trip, but my Itinerary after trip “

20Nov2014:- Hyderabad to Goa(730km) via Raichur,Bagalkote,Belgaum

21Nov2014:- Rider mania@ Vagator Beach

22Nov2014:-Goa to Udupi (350kms) via Gokarna,Murudeshwar.

23Nov2014:- Udupi to Guddlur (407kms) via Puttur,Madikeri,Bandipur National park.

24Nov2014:-Guddlur To valparai(242kms) via Ooty,Coimbatore,Pollachi.

25Nov2014:-Valparai to kochi  (160 kms) via Athirappilly water falls

26Nov2014: – Kochi to Kanyakumari (310 kms) via Kollam,Thiruvananthapuram ,poovar.

27Nov2014:- Kanyakumari to Madurai (470kms) via Tirunelveli,Rameshwaram

28Nov2014:- Madurai to Anantpur (720km) via Bengaluru

29Nov2014:-Ananthpur to Hyderabad (366kms)

“On 22nd Nov I left from Goa and exact after week of time I reach to Hyderabad travelling solo for 3200kms.”