Smart Good Intelligent Biker-Roshni Sharma

Roshin sharma

How To Be a Smart Good Intelligent  Biker

I have seen people riding for years and still they lack simple road sense, riding sense and are not even considerate while on roads. Like many other things in the world, biking is also a mind game and it’s not just about learning the skills. So below are the points which I have learnt over the period of time.

A smart biker is 100% on the road, not only physically but also mentally.


I am very alert, quick to react in a right way and considerate on the road for everyone be it a cyclist, pedestrian, 2 wheeler, small vehicle or big vehicle.

I know and trust my own abilities and capabilities and so my bike behaves the way I want it to behave (like my slave).

Never ever ignore your safety gears, not just any helmet but make sure it’s a DOT certified full face helmet that fits well.

A smart biker will never get rid of the side mirrors to get a stylish look. Side mirrors are as important as a headlight in the dark.

Pay attention to the honk and react responsibly to it.

I never ever talk over phone while riding, it can put your life as well as other person’s life in the trouble.

I never ever listen music while riding how low the volume may be or may be using just one ear plug.

I do maintain at least 30-40 feet gap from the vehicle ahead on highways and 4-5 feet gap in cities, that way panic braking can be avoided.

I am smart enough to anticipate and to read the mind of the vehicle ahead. I personally also take a note of the vehicle that is in front of the vehicle in front of me and it certainly helps. It’s more like trying to gauge how the vehicle in front of you will react much in advance.


Have a broader visibility of at least around 50-100 meter on all directions; imagine you are at the center of a circle with a radius of 50-100 meter. Most of the accidents while turning and over taking can be avoided by keeping this small tip in mind.


Avoid panic braking and Judge the situation and simply alter the speed, slightly turn the handle or use your body to change the direction and just pass by the object.

PLEASE honk on blind curves to avoid killing someone.

This is purely the way I ride and my experiences.Everyone has their own style but make sure safety for you and your fellow co-riders should be of utmost importance. I have traveled thousands of miles all alone and on the worst and most dangerous terrains but by God’s grace I am all safe.
No matter how good these tips are and how smart driver one is, sometimes fate takes control but I can assure by taking precautions and always following safe practices one can drastically reduce the risks and keep roads safer