Royal Feel When You Ride Enfield

battle green

Peace: When the heartbeat gets synchronized with the thumping, It sort of connects to your soul and you feel the peace of riding an Enfield.

Strength: When you’re down, It gives you the feel of the power it possess and all of sudden you feel strong.

A Sense of Detachment : When the Enfield cruises along the highway leaving behind miles of beautiful countryside and a road that bears your name on ,you feel very detached with many a small things that you had so much kept close to your heart, fought with your loved ones. Those small things no doubt gave you lots of moments, but leaving them back and moving ahead is what LIFE is and who teaches better than the Enfield.

Responsibility: When you realize the power you hold in your hands.

Pride: There’s a proud feeling in riding Enfield. It’s powerful, classic, beautiful,stable and over all its distinctive.

RESPECT: Riding the Enfield surely gives you a lot of Respect especially if you are going on a off road trip or on a route that has lots of small villages. Those curious glances that people give to a biker fully decked up in a leather jacket in a sports bike is not present with a guy on the Enfield, people at the roadside dhabas or the chai shops look up to you and ask questions with respect  It must be very heavy, how do you manage to ride it and you give a very simple answer  Matter of fact, yes,  but once it gets going, I don’t need to do much, i just sit back and enjoy the ride through the countryside )

Enfield is not just a bike it becomes part of your life.

Dug Dug Dugg !!!!