Checklist Before taking your Bike delivery

Checklist Before taking your Bike delivery

Major (will accept delivery after replacement/repair)
1. Rust – especially on the screws on the silencer/hinge joining the rear shockers to the top of       the frame
2. Scratches
3. Fuse – current and extra
4. Check handle balance
5. Electric starter – cold and hot start
6. Front fork sleeve – clearance between both sleeves and mudguard should be equal
7. Chain slack – while sitting and while not sitting
8. Acid spill damage on the engine after riding
9 .Pre-damage to the chassis front – turn handle left and right, check angles and handle   balance
10. Brakes – move when stationary and check for sound from the front disc brake

Minor (delivery can be accepted. need to rectify these issues asap after delivery)


1. Tyres – dates and company and note numbers of tires. Are tires rotating smoothly?
2. Choke – can it be pulled fully?
3. Clutch cable
4. Note engine and chassis number
5. Tools
6. Mirrors – screw and unscrew
7. Exhaust pipe – chrome scraped off? White smoke?
8. Rear tire touching the mudguard?
9. Dealer to fill petrol till reserve; check reserve light
10. Copy of road worthiness certificate – Form 22

After Receiving the BIke 

A proper Riding Gear.
A cool official RE helmet.
Talks with a dealer who can give u an awesome silencer.
That will be all.
Keep Thumping !



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